A Big, Fun Toolbox for JCHS Students…We Are Here For All Of Your Living Needs. We Even Have Pong!

I wanted to create a website that was more than just a tool. I wanted it to become a way of life—a site that all of our students would be talking about each week around the water cooler…errr…soda machines. We have tried to cover all of our bases here. There is a page for each of my classes. I teach FOUR this year: AP U.S. History, U.S. History, Government and Law. I always have weekly personal messages to those students, on those pages, and post homework when appropriate.

There is also a page with my favorite useful links, organized by subject (Hence the name: “Subject Related Links”), as well as a bio of Your’s Truly (You will have to wait for my memoirs for the full version).

“Class Pictures” are posted of each of my classes, under the page by the same name. As you will notice, they are a fine looking group of young people, and they are even smarter than they look…wait, that came out wrong.

Monthly “Student Interviews” will be posted regularly (like…once a month). We have decided to start fresh in December with Masey Blasa—the winner of Mr. Gracey’s Thanksgiving coloring contest. We are currently working with her legal team to get the rights to publish the interview. Cross your fingers.

We will also have monthly “Music Reviews” of my favorite CDs of all time. Periodically, I will assign guest reviewers. For instance, the first one was done by our webmaster—Kelly Williams. She has great taste in music, so I trust her. “Cooking with G-Dawg” is a page where you can find some of my favorite recipes. This gives me a chance to have fun with one of may favorite past times, and keep a running record of my concoctions as well.

Have fun with the “Message Board”. It is one of the most popular features. You may talk about anything that you would like. JUST KEEP ALL SUBJECTS AND COMMENTS APPROPRIATE. We have never had problems with content before, and I suspect that we never will. JCHS students are beyond this. They appreciate having a forum to chat. Why would they want to ruin it?

The “Stress Relievers” are there for your pleasure, but don’t get hung-up playing games for too long. You have homework to do!

Please don’t forget to sign-in on the “Guestbook”, so that we know you were visiting us and…


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