U.S. History

What a great start! I cannot say enough about my new U.S. History classes. You guys are a special group of young people, and I can honestly say that I can’t wait to spend this school year with you, delving into American history. All that I ask is that you give it your best. This stuff is important!


1st Quarter


Assigned on: 8/20

The Gilded Age:
Read pages 414-418
Complete Section 2 Review (all)
Special Instructions:
#2) a) Describe TWO methods and b) Clearly explain why some people questioned their methods
#3) Choose ONE person who you believe qualifies as a “captain of industry” and ONE person who you would consider more of a “robber baron” and explain why for each one.
#4) Just tell me which event you think is the likeliest cause and explain why
#6) Pretend you are writing an editorial (1/2 page)

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