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Chambers in SC
To find the official webpage of the U.S. Supreme Court, go to:

American Goverment

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Legislative, Executive and Judicial Links
(Official web site of the U.S. Senate. This can be useful if you are trying to find out when a bill is going to be discussed/voted on. It includes a schedule of activities…including their nap time.)
(Same as above, but pertaining to “the peoples’ chamber”)
(The newspaper of the Capitol…the big kahuna, the big cheese, the paper of record.)
(This site is designed to be entertaining and to convey information about the president.)
(The e-mail address at the White House! Drop them a note. I’m sure that they will appreciate it. Make sure that you mention Mr. Gracey.)
(The U.S. Supreme Court’s official web site. This is an excellent place to view Supreme Court decisions within hours of their release. You can also find snazzy glossy photos of each justice.)
(This Cornell University web site offers the best database that I have found of important U.S. Supreme Court decisions in our nation’s history.)

Political Party Dice

Political Party Links
(Official Democratic Party web site)
(Official Republican Party web site)
(Official Libertarian Party web site)
(Official Green Party web site)
(This site offers extensive information on U.S. political parties, including the major parties and fifty minor parties!)


Polling Links
(The Gallup organization’s web site offers polling data and information on how their polls are constructed, conducted, and interpreted. Some of the polling reports can only be accessed if you pay a subscription fee, but there is plenty that does not require this.)
(For my money, Zogby polls are the most accurate in the business. Their polls often focus on “likely voters,” which are the only people that really matter when trying to predict elections. Am I right?)
(This site offers polls and their results organized by topic. It is up to date and easy to use.)

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Hot Political Blogs
(This is considered to be a liberal blog. You will see posts by many VIPs from around the world. This has become a vveeeeerrryyy popular site.)
(This is considered to be a more conservative blog. Hence, the name)
(One of my favorite blogs, it often provides a pretty good mix of ideas.)
(I just can’t resist this site, because of its name. Is that clever or what? It often provides a nice mix of ideologies as well.)

On the Media…
(If you are looking for a great site to examine the state of the American news media today, this is it! They have produced lots of original research and aggregated existing data into a narrative on the state of journalism that is by far the most comprehensive anywhere. This was done in conjunction with the PEW Center for Media Research, which is tops on the subject)

AP Government and Politics

AP Gov logo
Here you can find AP Government and Politics outlines, notes, vocabulary terms, court cases, political parties, political timelines and biographies.
This site has notes that accompany your Wilson text. They are organized by chapter and quite good (though brief). Keep in mind that these notes will mean very little unless you have read. Also, these were created for the Ninth Edition Wilson text, and we are using the Twelfth Edition, so take that into account.

AP U.S. History Links

Study Aids
(This is a great site that contains notes taken directly from your American Pageant textbook (12th Edition). I am not suggesting that these replace your own note taking. Keep in mind that many of you will process and learn material much better if you actually write it down. However, every resource helps, so you use it as you choose. My favorite thing about this site is it’s motto: 100% Notes, 0% crap. Is that great or what!)
(This is another “note site.” Keep in mind that these notes are not necessarily from American Pageant. Also, whereas the previous site guarantees “0% crap,” this site does contain between 2 and 3% crap.)
(This site has lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of multiple choice AP questions. It also breaks them down by historical eras, and gives you funny little faces if you get the questions wrong. Keep in mind that these questions will not be as much fun as those found in Mr. Gracey’s Superquizzes. I mean, you can only expect so much.)

Social Networks for Mr. Gracey’s Students
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